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The problem with most anti-human trafficking training provided to law enforcement is that it merely teaches what trafficking is and how to identify it. Such trainings are really, in effect, nothing more than awareness events. In order to be effective, law enforcement needs to learn actual skills so they are equipped to conduct investigations that ensure arrests and prosecutions, know how to properly interview a possible victim or offender,  know how to set up various proactive operations, or even how to write up the proper reports. 

To use an analogy,  we cannot expect law enforcement officers to arrest drunk drivers if all we do is tell them what a drunk driver looks like. We also need to teach them how to administer a standard field sobriety test, and other basic related police skills. The same is true for human trafficking. Across the country, a small fraction of law enforcement officers receive any training whatsoever on human trafficking and most of that training doesn't provide practical skills that officers can use in the field. 

The Human Trafficking Training Center was established to solve all those problems and to address the resulting shortcomings in law enforcement's response to human trafficking across the country (and certainly the world).

HTTC's programs benefit from Dan's 27 years in law enforcement and his years of experience investigating human trafficking cases, Alison's 10 plus years in victim advocacy, client-centered research and multi-disciplinary team building, and the invaluable contributions of our team of survivor leaders. Together, we provide the most comprehensive anti-human trafficking programs available so that your organization gets measurable results and improved performance.


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Dan Nash is the co-founder of the Human Trafficking Training Center and a retired Missouri State Trooper.  Dan retired after 27 years, 24 of which was spent as an investigator in the Narcotics/Vice Unit, Criminal Investigation Unit and Human Trafficking Unit.  Dan was responsible for creating the Human Trafficking Unit and was the enforcement supervisor of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office Statewide Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.  Dan has instructed thousands of officers in anti-human trafficking training in numerous states and internationally.   Dan created the Special Victims Methodology for investigating human trafficking cases which is being used by many law enforcement agencies around the country.  Dan also created the “Four Corner Strategy” for investigating Illicit Massage Businesses which has changed the way law enforcement approaches these cases.  Dan has spoken at many conferences on human trafficking and has approximately 15 years’ experience investigating human trafficking. In his spare time, Dan lives on a farm in the Ozark Mountains with his three dogs and 24 chickens and is an avid hunter and backpacker.  



Alison Phillips co-founded the Human Trafficking Training Center in June of 2021 with Dan Nash and together they spent the next two years crisscrossing the United States teaching thousands of law enforcement officers how to identify and investigate human trafficking.  In June 2023, Alison went back to her first love as an airline pilot, but wanted to continue the work Dan and her started with the Human Trafficking Training Center, so today she continues this mission as a senior advisor.  Prior to the co-founding the Human Trafficking Training Center, Alison was the Task Force Director of the Missouri Attorney General’s Anti-Human Trafficking Statewide Task Force.  Alison has also been involved in advocacy groups assisting victims of trafficking and in sum has over 12 years in the field of anti-trafficking work. 

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Nicole Thompson has a strong background and proven record in event planning, contract management, sales/marketing, admissions/recruiting and advertising. Her work has spanned the pharmaceutical industry, banking, education and as event coordinator for former North Dakota United States Senator Kent Conrad. 


Nicole has taken this varied background into the field of human trafficking due to her passion and desire to help victims and the vulnerable. Nicole has seen firsthand working on tribal land and with the Indian Reservations of North Dakota how vulnerabilities can lead to trafficking.  As the support coordinator, Nicole handles the day to day logistics that allow the Human Trafficking Training Center to train officers across the country and help change the world. 

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Jinisha Bhatt is a human trafficking and anti-money laundering instructor who started her career investigating financial crime such as fraud, money laundering, and human trafficking at Scotiabank, one of Canada’s largest banks.  

During this time frame she became a go-to person for examining the financial side of human trafficking, especially within the illicit massage business industry. 

Jinisha has assisted many law enforcement agencies in the United States with gathering intelligence and financial data to bolster their investigations, create linkage among organized crime groups and track currency throughout the United States and into other parts of the world.  Jinisha has also participated in boots on the ground programs with national non-profits at events like the Super Bowl with scrapping escort ads and doing intervention with hundreds of trafficking victims at these events by leveraging financial and open-source intelligence.

Jinisha spends her time speaking and writing about the intel-sharing mechanisms created for the benefit of law enforcement and the importance of using reliable financial evidence to expedite resolutions on human trafficking cases.



Meghan Connors is a survivor-leader and advocate who has an amazing gift of educating law enforcement and other professionals about human trafficking from her lived experience. Her ability to communicate her insights and perspective make her a remarkably effective instructor. She has helped educate hundreds of law enforcement, medical, probation and parole and members of the community about how to identify, understand and respond to human trafficking from her unique vantage.

She has traveled to numerous states to participate in many panel discussions, and has been interviewed for podcasts and books around the United States.

Meghan was presented with the “Overcomers Award” from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas to highlight her work and achievements and a university scholarship was established in her name. She is also the first recipient of the Human Trafficking Training Center "Meghan Connors, Be the One" Award, which will be an annual award highlighting exceptional achievements in the anti-human trafficking arena. This award is named after Meghan for her dedication and the unwavering sacrifice she has made in her life to help others. This award will be presented annually at the North American Human Trafficking Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Alina Donahue is a human trafficking instructor and survivor leader.  She co-created the Shelly Stayer Shelter’s 18-month Human Trafficking Residential Program, a nationally recognized residential program for adult female survivors of sex trafficking. She has been certified by the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute through the Office of the Florida Attorney General.


Alina was a mentor and teacher for Project Recovery, a program that helps inmates in Collier County, Florida overcome addiction and reintegrate back into society. In 2021 she made the Naples Illustrated Top 100 to Watch for List for her continuous achievements. In January 2023, Alina was appointed as a Senior Advisor to the National Trauma Education Policy Board. 



Christine Jennings possesses a bachelor’s degree from Brock University in political science, specializing in International Relations and Human Trafficking. In 2008 she was part of a program in Japan focused on observing human trafficking in Asia.  Christine took this experience and began lecturing students at Guelph University, about the plight of human trafficking in Asia while raising awareness about the issue within Canada's borders. 


Christine spent years working in the non-profit field of child abuse, child trafficking, and exploitation. Her invaluable expertise spans various areas, including administration, grant writing, program development, and Victim Services.  Christine has studied brain science and trauma informed practices, especially in Canada’s indigenous populations.  Christine continues her fight against human trafficking, employing her skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. 


Christine resides in Alberta, Canada where she loves being in the mountains and spending time with her dog Bear.



Daron is a 30-year Law Enforcement veteran who began his career with the Springfield Missouri Police Department.  After retiring from the Police Department Narcotics Unit, Daron took over command of COMET, a Drug Task Force where he has remained for the past nine years.  Daron has spent a total of 26 years investigating narcotics and violent crimes. 


Daron and his wife Kim, live on the same farm, where he grew up,in the Ozarks. When he's not working, he enjoys hunting and spending time with his horses, cows, kids and grandkids.

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