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The Human Trafficking Training Center offers comprehensive and effective skill-based training to ensure every participant leaves every class immediately in a position to identify and help victims and take traffickers out of circulation.

Unlike most human trafficking training, HTTC's programs are backed with 27 years of law enforcement experience that help produce trackable results. Officers not only learn what human trafficking is and how to identify it, they actually learn skills they can use in the field.

We see this time and time again, within days (sometimes less) of attending the training, officers are identifying victims, getting them assistance and / or making arrests of suspects.


Bring a Training to Your Area

Having taught thousands of professionals in a broad segment of both the public and private sectors, we will be happy to guide you towards the most appropriate training for your organization.


Would you know how to tell if the child in the passenger seat is a victim?

It is very common for officers to leave our trainings and within days execute on the strategies learned in class and identify victims, and/or make a productive stop of a pedophile or trafficker that otherwise would have gone undetected.

Courses for law enforcement have been designed to yield measurable results including:

  • Identification skills that result in officers more frequently extracting trafficking victims from the hands of their traffickers and connecting them with the services  they need

  • ensuring prosecutors are provided enough evidence to prosecute criminals and help stop reoffending

Following is a list of courses available for Law Enforcement

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