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Human Trafficking Interdiction For Probation & Parole


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1 Day

About the Course

This course is designed to provide probation and parole officers with the skills needed to identify the signs and indicators of human trafficking victims and their traffickers in the course of their everyday duties.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to recognize the indicators of a possible human trafficking incident

  • How to  ascertain whether an individual is a victim of human trafficking, and how to speak to them.

  • The signs of trauma bonding and PTSD.

  • Learn how to use a victim centered approach (Special Victims Methodology).

  • How to identify possible electronic evidence of trafficking on cell phones.

  • How to transition from a routine client encounter to a possible human trafficking incident.

  • How to use anti-human trafficking skills during home visits. 

  • How to use the multi-disciplinary approach and work with victim advocates.

  • Understand the various groups involved in human trafficking and those required to create a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Where victims come from and how they are groomed. Who to report human trafficking incidents to.

Your Instructor

Dan Nash

Dan Nash

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