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Human Trafficking Proactive Ops


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2 Days

About the Course

Attendees learn the skills and tactics needed to prepare, set-up, avoid obstacles and operate various types of proactive human trafficking operations, including building a multidisciplinary team for greater success.


  • Why proactive operations are important.

  • How to prepare an operational plan and avoid obstacles before they arise.

  • How to set up a multidisciplinary team and why the success of the project depends on it.

  • How to use a victim-centered approach during the operation.

  • How to use victim advocates during your operation.

  • How to conduct casino operations.

  • How to conduct truck stop operations.

  • How to conduct illicit massage business operations.

  • How to conduct "Traveler" operations.

  • How to conduct hotel / motel operations.

  • How to conduct sex offender operations.

  • How to conduct train / bus depot operations.

Your Instructor

Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker

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