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Special Victims Methodology


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2 Days

About the Course

This course is designed to provide police officers, detectives and victim advocates with a deeper dive into the victim-centered approach, how to create the necessary paradigm shift when working human trafficking investigations, and how to productively work with victim advocates to provide a positive outcome for trafficking victims.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is the Special Victims Methodology, how is it different than other methodologies and what are its goals?

  • What is a victim-centered approach and how do you execute on it?

  • Why a paradigm shift in human trafficking is necessary and how it affects the core of policing

  • How this approach will allow officers to locate and rescue more trafficking victims

  • How this approach will increase trafficking arrests and prosecutions

  • How to conduct a Special Victim Methodology interview

  • Opportunities to engage in practical scenarios

  • How this approach can decrease violent crime

Your Instructor

Dan Nash

Dan Nash

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